Friday, February 4, 2011

Desire to change!

Yesterday I discussed what I believe are the most important factors for achieving change. Over the next few days I will discuss each one in more detail, starting today with desire. The first factor was desire to change, and I talked about doing it for yourself not someone else, lets take a closer look at that desire, (or reason for change). Now your reasons are your own as to why you would want to make some sort of change to your body or your lifestyle, and they are often as varied and different as we ourselves are. Weather or not you chose to share these reasons is entirely up to you. The important thing is that they come from within you and not from someone else, not because your spouse or significant other wants the change, or because society deems this change to be necessary to “fit in”, or any other crazy reason someone else may impose on you. Once your desire or reasons are legitimately from yourself you greatly increase your likelihood of success. That success is what it is all about, lets face it, no one ever sets out to be a failure. Not only dose success in one aspect of your life improve mood but it is also contagious to other aspects of your life. Once you have experienced success you become more aware that you can succeed in just about anything with enough hard work and dedication.

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