Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is who I am! This is what I do!


My name is will, and I have been active all my life. But what most people don’t know about me is that I was a “chunky kid”. I started out just like any other kid, running, jumping, and playing, but before long that was no longer enough. I tried to get in to sports but that is a lot easier said than done when you are home schooled. However I managed for a short period to participate in sports (mainly basketball and soccer). I found that although these sports were fun they were not really a good fit for me. Before I knew it I found my self front and center in my first martial arts class ever. It was love at first push-up, I loved the felling I got after a hard work out, and I loved seeing my hard work pay off and seeing what I could accomplish. Next thing I knew I had abs, that right a real “6-pack”. But now that I was no longer chunky and I could see my abs, I realized that I was to skinny. So fueled not only by my love of activity but also the new found ability to change my physique, I began to lift weights in addition to my martial arts workouts.

By the time I finished my high school education and went off to college I had gone from being a scrawny 120lbs to what I felt was a manly 150lbs. However the level of satisfaction I had with my new found physique was greatly reduced when I stepped into the on campus gym and I laid eyes on some of those massive brutes that roamed those sacred grounds. How could this be? I had gone through what I thought was a huge transformation, and I still looked like a school boy compared to these monsters. So I continued working out and learning everything I could form those behemoths that were all around me. I would take advice from any one that would offer it, I would use what worked and toss out what did not, and wouldn’t you know it, all of the sudden my body starts changing again, and before to long I have guys asking me for advice. One thing lead to another, and all of the sudden I am a certified personal trainer, with a degree in Exercise, Sport and Health Education and a minor in martial arts. Man it’s a funny thing how things work out some times, I started my life out as a fat baby and a chunky kid, and all of the sudden I am considered an expert in fitness and nutrition.

That is just a little background about me and what I do. The purpose of this blog will be not only to share my fitness accomplishments but those of my clients, and in doing so hopefully inspire others to set and reach their own fitness goals for a healthier and happier tomorrow.

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